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Hello Airlines Ltd

With the promise to deliver the ‘Last Kilo to the Last Mile’, Hello Airlines Limited started in 2012 as a Freighter Airlines in Bangladesh. The company introduced the state-of-the-art ATR-42-300 Freighter aircraft. Currently Hello Airlines operates a Fleet of ATR-42-300F and ATR-72-200F. Immediate plan is to launch a regional Freighter Service with a fleet of A330-200F.

Of course, Bangladesh is blessed with almost 200 million populations. Approximately 20 million Bangladesh expatriates keep travelling every day, month, and year around the world, thus this amount is increasing day by day.

Dominated by the foreign carriers who are operating daily multiple services using their wide body aircraft like B-777-300ER, Bangladesh’s carrier like Hello Air is the demand of the time to come forward and share the large piece of cake from the market without much to do to penetrate the market. In the existing market, world class operators like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways, Jet Airways, PIA, Oman Air, Fly Dubai, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Saudia, RAK Airlines, Air India, Druk Air, Bangkok Airways, Mihin Lanka, Air Maldivian, China Southern, China Eastern, and Dragon Air are just increasing capacity to cope up with the growing demand. Fact remains that among the traffic carried, 99% of them are ethnic Bangladesh nationals. That gives a clear picture that a first-class Bangladesh’s carrier has the high demand to serve the Bangladesh travelers whose food for their mind is well known to the Management of Hello Air with their past successful operations in this marketplace.

Bangladesh’s foreign trade indexed currently at US $80 billion, which is increasing at 20% per year, with a GDP of 8% which allure the Management of Hello Airlines to launch a Freighter Airlines and a Passenger Airlines by 2014 with the state-of-the-art Aircraft from Airbus Industries ATR-42-300F.

Hello Air initially plans to tap up the Freight Market of the domestic and international routes using its ATR-42-300 Freighter fleet.

In the year 2017, the Airlines plan to launch its passenger operations in the domestic are using the state of the Art ATR-72-500 aircraft.

In the year 2018, the Airlines plan to launch its journey as the International Air Operator carrying passenger to the regional and international destinations where Bangladeshi expatriates are densely populated including in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Middle East and regional routes like Thailand, India, China, Maldives, and Sri Lanka using the State of the Art Airbus-320 fleet of aircraft.

The management of Hello Air is having over 100 years of combined experience under the leadership of H.E. Dato’ Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman, the legendary Bangladeshi businessman who pioneered the Helicopter Services, Freighter Airlines Services, and Operated with most posh and lucrative Passenger Services from Bangladesh.

Hello Airlines negotiating with numbers of international investors including multilateral Bank, Financial Institutions, Private Equity and Corporate Funders to acquire the best possible systems, and fleet of aircraft, equipment and above all the HR Capital.

Of course, Bangladesh is blessed with almost 200 million populations. Approximately 20 million expatriate Bangladeshis keep travelling every day, month, and year around the world, and this amount is increasing day by day.

Hello Air looking forward to serving the clients. All queries are welcomed.

Elenga Resort LTD

Elenga Resort Ltd started its operation in 2001 as the country’s singular and largest comprehensive tourist complex.

Located approximately 90 minutes from Dhaka City by road, and 10 km away from Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge - the 4th longest bridge in Asia, it has a total land area of 8.5 acres covered with lush green grass, uncountable plants and various trees of seasonal fruits and colorful tropical flowers.

Visitors to the resort have the advantages of sightseeing in its vicinity. One can enjoy pollution-free air and nature’s tranquility to nurture one’s soul along with the friendly tradition of Bangladesh hospitality.

The Resorts caters to individual family needs as well as corporate demands for workshop, retreats and meeting. During the season many picnic-loving companies, group, NGOs, and private families holding picnic in the lush green grass field of Elenga Resort Limited.

We are in the expansion plan and acquiring land in the Hilly area of the country, at the same time looking for Management and Operational Contract of multiple Hotels and Resorts in Asia, Europe, and African continent.

A company involved in aviation business of the following disciplines:

  • Brokerage
  • Helicopter buy and sale
  • Leasing of aircraft and helicopters
  • Aircraft buy and sale (both commercial and private jets)
  • Aviation consultancy for the startup airlines, compliance issues.
  • Training of the crew, ground staffs in the world class facilities with EASA compliance
  • Management and operations of airport facilities, lounge management, ground services.
  • Promoting Canadian business, products and services globally, especially in the emerging market in Asia and Africa.
  • Representing world leading aircraft and helicopter leasing companies offering wide range of aircraft in the inventory.
  • Provide one house comprehensive travel related services.
  • Assist in filling and submitting complete applications to the African countries and arrange door to door delivery of the documents.
  • Assist in completing and filling out Visa Forms, compiling documents for obtaining visa from the Embassies and Missions that are not existing in Bangladesh, rather based in New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Colombo, or in countries with the Immigration Department.
  • Assist the Busy Executives and Business personalities to fill in the forms, compiling the documents for visa from any Embassies in Bangladesh, with Expert Processor to submit Error Free Documents to get the Visa. These days, Executives are so busy that they can’t concentrate on the filling out the forms and accumulate the huge volume of documents that the embassy requires for issuance of the visa, and for one mistake the visa application is returned, this is time consuming and big financial loss, at the same time big pressure in the city of traffic. TIME IS MONEY, which we are making life easier for the Clients.

MARIUMS SDN BHD is a multinational company registered in Malaysia, with aim to capitalize the resources available globally with the intellectual highest ability of promoters, experts and other stake holders. To maximize the utilization of the global resources in the area of agricultural for the benefit of the world community.

Focus is on international trade, resource management, lobbing globally for business development, acquisition and hedging and industrial development of LDCs mainly in Africa. In Malaysia MARIUMS SDN. BHD. vision alongside Government’s long-term plan is to make Malaysia self-reliant, and eventually even making Malaysia export viable in the Agricultural sector.

MARIUMS SDN BHD intends to service the areas of the Government priority as outlined by the Government of Malaysia.

Arrange Investment Summit, inviting the Global Investors to meet and talk B2B, G2B, G2G Business initiatives and Implementation of Particular Projects.


Gambia is beautiful country in the West Coast of Africa. That’s how they say, Smiling Coast of Africa. A lot of things to do to develop this small but potential country.

  • Mariams Gambia Limited, offers Charter Flights.
  • Car Rental Services of International Standard is under implementation
  • Mariams Gambia Limited in the process of acquiring a Hotel and Resorts
  • Increasing the Agricultural input in the West Africa and Export to Europe and North America
  • Investing in Human Capital to Lead the Service Industry such Banquet Facilities, attracting International Organizations and Business Organizations to host their Seminar, Workshop, Meeting, Conference, and Trade Show.
Mariums RCA SARL

Infrastructure projects on BOO and BOOT basis.

Open a Corridor and be a Hub Operator for the Aviation Industry.

Exploring telecommunications opportunities and open to investors.

Building up of a tourist complex on 40 acres of land on the bank of the Ubangi River.

Implementation of Semi Mechanized Agriculture Initiatives to mitigate the food safety of this land locked country.

Global Multi Trade

As the Country is developing rapidly, economy getting larger in size, same time the importance of security services are getting priority. Quality Security services with all most modern strategies, preparation, training, is paramount to secure the lives and assets of any client. Group used to be the largest private security company in 90’s and then the group formed the joint venture with G4S in 1997, transferring the entire security services business under G4S. Group decided to disinvest in to G4S, and made an exit selling the shares to G4S.

With the growing demand, Group decided to return in to the business along with the huge experience, knowledge, background in this field, thus the formation of Consortium Security Services Limited (CSSL) in the year 2020. With our commitment of “On Guard Full Time” our Vision is Clear, Mission well drawn to serve the Clients. Initially we shall be offering :

  • Body Guard Services
  • Cash in Transit (CIT)
  • Event Security Services
  • Access Control Service
  • Armed Guarding Service
  • Private Investigation Services
  • Highly Trained Guards retired armed forces members
  • Highly Trained Guard recruited with a serious screening

We care each and every client with our highest attention and care. The TEAM in CSSL is “On Guard Full Time” to hear from our valuable Clients on a 24/7 basis.

Global Multi Trade

A Member Company of IPSSL Group, established to support the Development and Construction Projects in Bangladesh. The Company Provides Professional services to the Development, Design, Supervisory Consultants, Construction Companies, Industrial and Economic Zones, Highways and Roadway Constructions, Power Plant Constructions, Bridge, Railways Constructions, ICT Development, Dredging and Reclamation Works, etc. We provide Comprehensive Logistics including :

  • Car Rental Services
  • Equipment Rental Services
  • Container Cabins on Rental and Sales
  • Timber Import and Supply on a Turn Key Basis
  • Construction of Sheds, Security Perimeter Fencing
  • Human Resources of all Categories (Skilled, Specialized, Semi Skilled, Unskilled)
  • Heavy Equipment Mobilization and Demobilization, Shipping and Transportation
  • Office Supplies, Furnitures and Accomodation Supplies such as Bed, Tables, Air Conditioning etc, on a Turn Key basis.
  • Supplies of Construction Materials, including Importation of Stone Chips, Boulders, Aggregate, Sand, Bricks, Iron, CI Sheet, Construction Chemicals, Geotextiles, Railway Slippers, etc.